Dynamically Repeat and Broadcast the Strongest Wireless Networking Signal

“I don’t have Internet access at home.” What a terrible thing to hear! It is so sad when people tell me that the only way they check their email is by visiting public, community-sponsored, unprotected venues like the library. Internet access is almost as essential as utilities. When my sister informed me that she didn’t subscribe to Internet in her apartment complex because it was too expensive, I compared that to having no running water at home. Its like she hasn’t bathed since she moved in!

Taking pity, I set out to solve her dilemma. Luckily, the great thing about living in an apartment complex is that you are usually surrounded by a neighborhood of trusting technology dummies. At least 5 open wireless signals will abound everywhere … except where you need them the most, in your room. The only place that I could detect a signal was next to the kitchen window. Sadly, it would be too cluttered (and too trashy) to move the computer in the kitchen. However, we could bring the Internet connection to us in the computer room.

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Faster Bootup and Windows Startup by Disabling DHCP Requests

It happens many times. You have an extremely fast computer with a high-end CPU and a gigabyte of RAM. Why then does startup seem to take a billion years? Does your computer hang each time it boots up or (in XP) after you log in?

DHCP Server Requests
Some home desktops and laptops tend to do this. Surprisingly, in this age of broadband, there are computers that still do not rely on the 10/100 Ethernet Network Adapter for Internet access. An operating system does not like to leave its network adaptor without an IP address. So, it does what any self-respecting OS does and sends a broadcast request to any free DCHP server out there to issue it one. Stupidly, the operating system does this regardless of whether it detects any cable connection or not. On some operating systems, these DHCP server requests carry a timeout period (usually 30 seconds) in which the computer is paralyzed waiting for an IP issuance. If the is no replay (like in the event the network cable is not even connected) the operating system will have a NULL IP address.

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Preserve Table Width Dimensions in MySpace

I have this MySpace pet peeve. I hate it when people post comments with pictures that throw my profile page out of whack. Don’t get me wrong, I like to see that my friends are “showin me love.” 🙂 But, they should do it in the confines of my profile. Don’t post huge pictures that go off the screen! I mean not everybody has a 20 inch widescreen monitor!

Of course, I don’t want to delete comments from these “perpetrators” but I do want to resize these pictures and flash programs. Its a pity that MySpace does not offer an edit function for comments left on pages.

So, I devised a little CSS code that will automatically resize everything larger than 250 pixels on the fly. Look at this before and after.

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