Source Code Placement of Website Statistics Software

I was so excited when Google Analytics was released to the public. At that time, I was a regular reader of – helping bloggers earn money. Darren Rowse broke the news to the blogging community that Google Analytics was offering free accounts on a first-come-first served basis. When I finally received my invitation from Google, I immediately added all of my websites to be tracked and painstakingly followed each and every instruction -that is, every instruction except for this one:

“It [the source code] should be immediately before the [ending] body tag of your page, and should look exactly as it was provided to you.”

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WordPress Workaround Fix For’s “blog this” Glitch

If you’re an avid Digg reader like me, you’re fully aware of the “who blogged this?” feature prominently displayed “above the fold” of each story. Among my three blogs, I’ve been meaning to publish posts inspired by the many stories that I read each week. As a matter of fact, I have a near-ten-page list of articles that I plan to write, most of them inspired by Digg stories. But, I haven’t had the time to actually put those ideas into words. Until now …

who_blogged.gifToday, I released an article about Bug Me Not in my Information Bank Blog. I remember finding out about this godsend website from Digg. Naturally, I wanted a link back from Digg on the “who blogged this?” section since it was a relevant post. So, I entered all the necessary blog data information in my profile page. Then, I clicked the “blog this” link on the corresponding digg story and pressed “Submit.”

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