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3 Tips for the Lonely Hacker: A Geek’s Guide to Holiday Romance

I’m doing finals. So in the meantime, here’s my sister, Midori Lei from Dating Advice from a Girl. Take it away!

Yes, I know you’re used to tech savvy articles on this blog. That genius guy, my brother, is taking the week off. So today, I’m visiting your side of the blogosphere to give you the dirt on that not-so-easy to understand subject, women. I figure you guys already know so much about the inside world of using computers. And although it might be up there on your list of pleasurable activities, I’m sure being with a woman is up there too. If you’re already coupled or happily dating, this article is not for you.

If you think you’re going to be alone this holiday tinkering on your computer or playing at a remote Halo LAN party, it doesn’t have to be that way. Heck, maybe you could even bring her to your bash!

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to land yourself under the mistletoe this year.

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Controller Card Detection at Boot POST – Mod/Flash the BIOS ROM Firmware

So then, you have the 6-chanel RAID PCI card that you bought off eBay and a couple of old, horded hard drives. Stoked, you’re ready to create your very own super hard drive with one terabyte of disk space! You install the hardware and boot your computer waiting for the BIOS to finish the POST. Suddenly, the Windows (or Linux) boot screen displays when you are expecting the controller card’s BIOS to kick in to configure the RAID drive. Maybe it was a mistake. You restart the computer hoping for the best. Alas, the RAID setup option doesn’t appear again. Too bad you bought this brand-less card from China (eBay) without any documentation. So then, what now?

Has this scenario ever happened to you before? The BIOS does not recognize the hardware but the operating system does after the power-on-self-test. This problem is kind of like a chicken-or-the-egg dilemma. I mean, its only great that Windows recognizes the controller card if you’re booting from the motherboard’s integrated disk controller. But what if you want to boot from a hard disk that is connected to a secondary controller card? This exact scenario happened to me a couple days ago. It literally took me two whole days of research, agony, and forum scourging. But I finally found the answer. Who’s to blame for this bug?

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Yet Another Easier Workaround for Packet Injection with Aireplay in Windows

A couple of months ago, I published my previous Wi-Fi penetration article about “Aircrack/Aireplay-ng Under Packet Injection Monitor Mode in Windows using a Virtual Machine of Backtrack Linux.” Really, there was still no complete sever from Linux with this scheme … until now. I didn’t realize that there was an easier way to use aircrack-ng in Windows and at the same time completely break free of Linux. Hours after I released that article, a reader left a comment telling me that somebody already wrote a less complicated method, “How to Packet injection Aireplay-ng & Windows XP” at


Ultimately, the premises of this hack works like this. With a slightly modified DOS/Windows-ported compilation of the most cutting-edge (actually beta) Aircrack-ng suite and a monitor mode compatible WiFi driver, it is possible to essentially inject packets in Windows with no middleman of a virtual machine (as mentioned in my previous Backtrack article). The original article at actually provides the recompiled Aircrack-ng suite and the stripped CommView WiFi driver in a nifty little package.

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