Cleverly Repair Large Corrupted Files with BitTorrent Client Checksum Hash Scans

I admit, I have a very fast broadband connection at home. My link speed is more than 6 Mbps. You’d think I can’t complain. But there are some files that seem to download for an eternity. Take, for instance, the Windows Vista Beta. On my connection, that 4 GB bloatware *.ISO mammoth took about two hours to download. Even, when I used DownThemAll!, it took about an hour and a half! That is way too much time to spend for downloading.

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Disable Feature Cripplers Like WinLock by Changing Windows Registry Policies

When I was a high school senior. I was in charge of the network and the technology lab. Part of my job included maintaining and fixing the computers. As a systems administrator, I required full access to the network and the machines. Unfortunately, some of the computers were locked. Back when I was a freshman that the previous systems administrator installed a feature crippler called Winlock on all of the machines to prevent students from changing settings like the desktop background and installing programs like computer games.

I hate it when people install programs the cripple functions in the operating system. But, I suppose it was necessary back then since the computers in the lab had Windows 98 installed. Unfortunately, Windows operating systems like 98 are not based on the NT Kernel. Therefore, WinLock was necessary in order to render a “guest user” environment for the students.

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Preserve Table Width Dimensions in MySpace

I have this MySpace pet peeve. I hate it when people post comments with pictures that throw my profile page out of whack. Don’t get me wrong, I like to see that my friends are “showin me love.” 🙂 But, they should do it in the confines of my profile. Don’t post huge pictures that go off the screen! I mean not everybody has a 20 inch widescreen monitor!

Of course, I don’t want to delete comments from these “perpetrators” but I do want to resize these pictures and flash programs. Its a pity that MySpace does not offer an edit function for comments left on pages.

So, I devised a little CSS code that will automatically resize everything larger than 250 pixels on the fly. Look at this before and after.

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