2007 October


Yet Another Easier Workaround for Packet Injection with Aireplay in Windows

A couple of months ago, I published my previous Wi-Fi penetration article about “Aircrack/Aireplay-ng Under Packet Injection Monitor Mode in Windows using a Virtual Machine of Backtrack Linux.” Really, there was still no complete sever from Linux with this scheme … until now. I didn’t realize that there was an easier way to use aircrack-ng in Windows and at the same time completely break free of Linux. Hours after I released that article, a reader left a comment telling me that somebody already wrote a less complicated method, “How to Packet injection Aireplay-ng & Windows XP” at airdump.net.


Ultimately, the premises of this hack works like this. With a slightly modified DOS/Windows-ported compilation of the most cutting-edge (actually beta) Aircrack-ng suite and a monitor mode compatible WiFi driver, it is possible to essentially inject packets in Windows with no middleman of a virtual machine (as mentioned in my previous Backtrack article). The original article at airdump.net actually provides the recompiled Aircrack-ng suite and the stripped CommView WiFi driver in a nifty little package.

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Beat Keyloggers at they Own Game – Simple Ways to Avoid Information Theft

When I was in high school, I was exploited … twice. But not in that way sickos! My first time was ironically from one of my best friends. He always liked to test these gray-hat programs. One day after I used his laptop, he said, “Allan, I know the password to your AIM account!” To say the least, I was furious!

That was nothing in comparison to the emotion I was experiencing during my second exploitation, terror. At the time, my computer was unprotected from any viruses, spyware, and adware. I decided to install an all-in-one security suite, which promptly caught a virus. Basically, I monitored what it was doing to my computer. I discovered a file of everything I typed the past couple of weeks from emails, essays, and search queries to (gasp!) passwords and credit card numbers! Needless to say, I changed my passwords and credit card number.

Ever since these two incidents, I’ve come to realize how vulnerable I really was by using a computer that was not mine or even my own.

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Upload Ringtones (or Programs) to the Samsung MM-A900 “Blade” with USB or Email

One dollar?! For 30 seconds of music!? I can preview songs that long at CD Universe for free! How can Sprint charge me the same price for what I already pay on iTunes?

I admit, I am a pretty adept computer enthusiast. So, when I discovered that my phone came with a USB-type tether, I scoured the manuals for a way to easily turn a simple MP3 file into a ringtone for my Samsung MM-A900 “Blade.” The problem was that it wasn’t so simple. In fact, it wasn’t even documented since doing so required a little complicated gray-hat hack.

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