Obtaining VMware Tools for VMWare Player through Extraction

In the freeware review, I wrote about machine virtualization through VMWare, Virtual PC, and Parallels. What I forgot to mention is that slave operating systems running inside of these virtualization programs need to use special drivers for the virtual “hardware” it sees in the virtual machine.

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Hard Drive USB Adaptor – Alternative to Costly External Drives and Enclosures

Back in the day, when I didn’t have a job, I had to cut corners when purchasing computer equipment. You wouldn’t believe the number of eBay auctions in which I participated just to get a single stick of 128 MB SD RAM! But, there was one thing that I desperately wanted more than anything – portable storage.

No, I’m not talking about those puny, error-prone, and data-sparse floppy disks. I’m also not referring to CD Burners either. Those take too much time to write one file! I’m talking about flash drives and external hard disk drives! But alas, thumb drives were not even invented yet and an external hard drive would cost twice as much as its equivalent internal counterpart! I barely had enough money for the internal drive itself! What is a cash-striped, jobless, high school student supposed to do? Buy an expensive hard drive enclosure? When I got older and acquired more money, I found the perfect answer, EIDE disk drive adapters.

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HDTV Tuner Cards

Since the first time I saw the pristine, sharp quality of HDTV, I’ve become enamored with the technology. Imagine better-than-DVD-quality picture! You’ve got to see it to believe it. The best part is the same exact same television programming you see on a regular TV is, likewise, freely available in HDTV format at the exact same time. Why watch Grey’s Anatomy on regular low-resolution TV when you can watch it in high quality picture! Chances are, free HDTV frequencies are just bouncing about you as you read. The problem is … the equipment to receive these signals is not exactly free.

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